The Plough pub temporarily closes

The Plough, Crosspool
The Plough: will reopen at the end of the month

The Plough on Sandygate Road is no longer open for business – but should reopen before the end of the month.

The pub is one of several leased and operated by Hawk Inns North Limited. Glenn Thorpe, Director, said: “Due to administrative errors in all our Premises Licences we have had to temporarily close all the pubs operating within the Sheffield Licensing District.

“This is not a particular problem specific to The Plough as all our pubs will reopen with Temporary Event Notices on the 28 of July for periods of four days at a time and then will be fully open again from 11 August.”

A sign in window of the pub (pictured below) states that an alcohol licence was re-applied for on 15 July 2011.

Notification up in the window of The Plough pub on Sandygate Road
Notification up in the window of The Plough pub on Sandygate Road

One Reply to “The Plough pub temporarily closes”

  1. hi andy and cheryl are the managers of the plough and during this problem with the premisies lisence the plough has still been open for food and soft drinks tuesday to saturday lunch and evenings plus until the lisence comes through we can sell alcohol thurs, fri; sat; sun dont forget quiz; thursday and sunday night free supper all welcolm andyxxx

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