Care for the vulnerable and isolated in bad weather

During the current severe weather people are being asked to pay particular attention to the needs of vulnerable or isolated people.

For some, just going out to the shops, doctors or to see family and friends can become very difficult – and dangerous. Being stuck indoors for days on end can also lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

So do take a minute or two to knock at your elderly neighbour’s door to say hello, check that they are OK and have the things they need, as this could really make a huge difference. If nothing else, it can help to prove to people that they are not forgotten.

If you continue to have concerns about someone, please don’t hesitate to telephone our Local Action Crisis Team on 0114 273 5822.

Illustrating some of the problems that people are having, the Sheffield Star reports that the Yorkshire Ambulance Service had to call in an Edale Mountain Rescue Land Rover to collect an elderly injured man in Crosspool when an ambulance got stuck.

Crosspool in the snow, December 2010
Remember to keep an eye on the vulnerable, elderly or isolated during the snowy conditions

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