Grass verge protection measures installed in Crosspool

Two sets of wooden bollards have been installed in response to concerns over damage to grass verges by vehicles.

A set of four of the bollards are located on Marsh Lane at its junction with Lydgate Lane, and a further four are adjacent to 42/46 Tapton Hill Road. They are funded by the South West Community Assembly.

The bollards prevent vehicles from mounting the grass verge areas between the pavement and the road. Their arrival follows requests from local residents worried about erosion.

New wooden bollards on Marsh Lane
New wooden bollards on Marsh Lane
Cars are now prevented from parking on grass verges
Cars are now prevented from parking on grass verges

Bole Hills tree planting and Friends group meeting

On Wednesday this week there is a meeting in the Bole Hills pavilion to discuss the proposed tree planting on Bole Hills Rec and also the possible formation of a Friends of Bole Hills community group.

For more information contact Edward Thatcher, Community Forester on  0114 273 4303 or email

Information about Bole Hills tree planting (Word document, 1.4MB)

Bole Hills meeting on Wednesday 19 January 2011 flyer (Word document, 1MB)

Bole Hills meeting flyer
Bole Hills meeting flyer (Word document, 1.4MB)

Den Bank Drive tree removed

Remains of tree on Den Bank Drive
Remains of tree on Den Bank Drive

On 21 December, residents of Den Bank Drive returned from work to discover that a tree had been removed without warning from a grass verge on the street.

A card was left to say that the tree was dead, although according to residents it had full blossom last Spring.

Further enquiries to Street Force reveal that the tree had been inspected earlier on in the year and was diagnosed as infected. There is no budget available to pay for a replacement tree in the current financial year.

Den Bank Drive resident Mark Shipman commented: “I am upset that the tree was removed without any communication until afterwards.”