Vegetable & bedding PLANT SALES

Back Lane Crosspool

On an allotment site not so far far away, the “Hagg Lane and District Gardeners’ Allotments Society” will be holding the first of their Annual Plant Sales this coming weekend at their allotment on Back Lane, between 9.30am and 2.30ish

After a roller coaster of a spring spent in the poly tunnel, seedlings and plants will be seeking new homes. As usual, an eclectic mix of vegetables and flowers will be available for purchase, and, if today’s email from “Dobies” is anything to go by, there should be plenty of bargains. (They will NOT be offering you 22 value beetroot plugs for £7.99 plus postage, tempting though it is!)
You, your friends & family and anyone else that visits at some point, either over the coming weekend, in two weeks’ or indeed at any time, will be made very welcome!
If you have the time to volunteer you will be especially welcome!
Always welcoming the opportunity to catch up with old friends, the kettle should be on until close of play, and if all goes to plan, with a few morsels of cake.
The society depends heavily on the goodwill of a small band of people, and you will appreciate that the Plant Sales are a vital source of income for them. Many of you will also be aware that this has taken a slightly more critical twist this year with the introduction of some unwanted air conditioning, thanks to a visiting pick axe the roof of the hut is no longer watertight, and morale has also taken a bit of a hit.
The Sales can be pretty hectic at times, so if you think that you would be interested in enjoying an hour or two setting up, from about 4.15pm Friday May 3rd (The erection of the gazebos always draws a crowd of flabbergasted onlookers), … Labelling, serving, selling, carrying and advising (yeah, really…) Saturday and Sunday May 4th, 5th and May 18th, 19th, from 8.15am until about 2pm., Just turn up or drop an email to:-
You can make a difference and it would be very much appreciated.
Donations of surplus veg seedlings, plants and cakes, will be welcome at any point during the weekends.





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