Lydgate Junior School – Rights Respecting School

As part of their work as a “Rights Respecting School”, each year they launch a campaign to raise awareness about one particular issue.  In 2017 they campaigned to make the crossing outside their school safer and in 2018 they took part in the ‘Make Schools Safe’ campaign.Picture1

This year, their campaign aims to reduce the use of single use plastic in their school, their homes, in the local community and in their city. They are aiming to become a Plastic Clever School.

To learn more about becoming a Plastic Clever School visit the site set up by 2 inspirational young people; Kids Against Plastic.

On Thursday May 23rd they are going on an awareness raising march through their local shops in Crosspool. The whole school will be marching together, carrying posters and banners to show their commitment to their campaign.

In addition to the march, all the children across the whole school have written letters to a wide variety of people asking for their support and urging them to consider their own use of plastics.


2 Replies to “Lydgate Junior School – Rights Respecting School”

  1. Great idea…. Best wishes to all the children and the adults supporting them…. wish you every success with becoming a plastic clever school x

  2. Well done Lydgate Juniors!
    We will be looking out for you on Thursdayand we wanted to let you know that we have a collection box for disposable contact lenses and the packaging. The cardboard, contact lens cases and contact lens solution bottles can be recycled in Sheffield City recycling but the actual lenses and foil and plastic packaging needs to be dealt with differently. Anyone can drop off the lenses and packaging whether the buy them from us or anyone else as there are still only a few practices across the city who have these collection boxes.

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