Our Planet Matters to the pupils at   Lydgate Junior School

As part of the Lydgate Junior School’s work as a Rights Respecting School, each year they launch a campaign to raise awareness about a particular issue.

In 2017 they campaigned to make the crossing outside their school safer and in 2018 they took part in the ‘Make Schools Safe’ campaign. This year, their campaign aims to reduce the use of single use plastic in their school, their homes, in the local community and in their city.

Although learning about this issue in their PSHE lessons and aiming to become a Plastic Clever School. they also felt the need to take action so that their campaign results in not only increased awareness of the issue but a change in the way their use (or preferably don’t use!) plastics to show their commitment to their campaign on Thursday May 23rd, the whole school carried posters and banners on an awareness raising march from their school on Shore Lane up Selborne Road through the Shopping precinct and back down Manchester Road.

Tapton Plastics
Click for video

In addition to the march, all the children across the whole school wrote letters to a wide variety of people asking for their support and urging them to consider their own use of plastics. To ensure their campaign has maximum impact, they are aiming to involve as many people as their can…..and this includes you! They would be grateful if you could find the time to read and respond to the letters enclosed from some of their children. It would mean the world to them if you could reply in some way to acknowledge their letters. Email: enquiries@lydgate-jun.sheffield.sch.uk

Letters:-  Eve and Esme, Georgina and AliciaJacob and LewisMegan and Poppy W



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