City Centre Consultation

Tell the council what you think about their travel plans

The more people involved, the better the needs of the whole community will be reflected.

Connecting Sheffield: City Centre focuses on your journey into and around the city centre. Travel is changing and the council need to prepare for the future by offering the right infrastructure for walking, cycling and public transport. The council have launched their consultation on the plans and would like to know what you think. 

The proposed changes to the city centre will;

  • make it easier and safer to get around on foot and by cycling
  • prioritise public transport routes into and across the city centre
  • create high quality ‘green streets’ and more pedestrianised areas to improve the environment.

Detailed information and how you can get involved are found above on the Connecting Sheffield website.


2 Replies to “City Centre Consultation”

  1. It is ok doing this and I am all for pedestrianising more of the city centre but they need to make bigger more accessible and affordable car parks on the outskirts of the centre so people can get easy access to the shops or the centre (which is hanging on by a thread) will die. Stop putting stupid markets and fairs on the open spaces you are creating. Fargate should be made for more cafes and restaurants where you can dine outside Sheffield doesn’t have an area like this. But after all this, you have to remember that not everyone wants or is capable of cycling or walking into town and there is nothing worse than making a public access area just to have cycles tearing past you.

  2. Sheffield has followed fashion in its town planning and this has resulted in the chaotic city scape we now tolerate. Wouldn’t we like to have the city-wide network of the original tram system now? And coherent architecture? Cycling is fashionable but it is not a good idea. Look how little used the existing cycleways are. They aren’t wanted by Sheffielders but vehicular access and parking is!

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