Temporary Road Changes Petition

Broomhill parking bay closure.

As a result of the temporary closure of the parking bays in the Broomhill shopping precinct and the potential devastating effect the new pedestrian arrangements and loss of short stay parking will have on local trade, Williamson Hardware has posted a petition on change.org requesting that the Sheffield City Council remove these temporary changes as soon as possible.


8 Replies to “Temporary Road Changes Petition”

  1. If the shops think most of their customers park there they are deluded. Most arrive by bus or walk or park elsewhere. I often drive there but these spaces were always full so I only parked there about once a year. Plenty of parking nearby. The zigzag narrow pavement was a safety hazard even before Covid-19. Keep the open space and have outdoor areas for cafes. Smarten up the facade of that horrible block while we’re at it.

  2. Our council has no money apparently & yet has money for this…. For goodness sake, what difference will it make in overall scheme of things for Sheffield compared to the money it cost?

  3. Another waste of public funds set to penalise car users and kill trade in the local shops. This was a well used parking area which helped with the flow of pedestrians to the area. The parking zone enabled you to ‘nip in and out again’ for required purchases without parking a distance away. If you emove parking then you also remove trade, businesses will suffer as a result of this short sightedness, empty shops are a loss of income to the council and encourages vandalism and criminality.
    Reinstate the parking bays, stop penalising car owners, listen to your citizens

  4. In an area with lots people who time limits like NHS staff or parrents of school children, this is action means SCC wants us spend more time and money for carpark behind here to do very short and urgent shopping!

  5. It’s now much easier to socially isolate and much more space to walk along the pavement. All surveys done in other parts show that a lower % come to shop by car than what people imagine and more pedestrians come to shop as a result of less car presence.

  6. There’s a perfectly good car park on the roof above the shops. The short stay car park that has been removed had a small number of spaces and regularly caused backlogs of traffic as cars waited to use it. The footfall and shop usage from pedestrians is significantly higher than that handful of parking spaces ever provided.

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