Broomhill Temporary Road Changes

To give pedestrians more space for social distancing, The Sheffield City Council has temporarily closed the angled parking bays in the Broomhill shopping precinct, on Fulwood Road.

The footways on Glossop Road, between Fulwood Road and Peel Street and between Peel Street and the end of the pavement opposite Westbourne Road, have also been temporarily extended by 1.5metres, to give additional footway space

As these measures are only intended to be a temporary social distancing measure, the Sheffield City Council would welcome your feedback on them.

If they work well, and local businesses and residents are happy with the changes, the council have suggested that they may possibly consider, if they work well for everyone and after a full consultation process with local businesses and residents, look at making these changes permanent.


4 Replies to “Broomhill Temporary Road Changes”

  1. I trust that you have objected to this scandalous change and also placed a statutory objection to Sheffield City Council.

    These changes seem to be about spending government money rather than any positive benefit to the majority of the citizenry. No body will be standing for 15 minutes in conversation and only Morrisons is likely to have a queue which could well be in reverse not cause inconvenience. I do believe that the roof top car park CHARGES for its use and therefore people are to be forced to pay for the inconvenience. The lift in Morrisons has always been temperamental and so what are the disabled supposed to do?– I will declare an interest on this last point.

    You should also ask SCC what the conditions are for ‘temporary’ to have been achieved and how many months it will require to remove them.


  2. More difficulties for older people .No liftsup to the roof top parking either so how to manage heavy bag..?.Disabled people and the elderly are just ignored it seems.

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