Disruption to 51 bus service next week

There will be major disruptions to 51 bus service to Crosspool next week
There will be major disruptions to 51 bus service to Crosspool next week

Update 6 August: Looks like the shuttle bus may be in use now.

Update 3 August: After all the fuss, it seems the 51 is going via Manchester Road/Coldwell Lane after all.

31 July, 9am update: First Bus have announced that they will provide a free shuttle bus between Crosspool and Brook Hill. This will operate every 30 minutes between approximately 7.30am and 6.30pm. No fares will be charged – this is to feed into the main 51 bus.

The 51 bus service will not run along part of Sandygate Road next week during the day due to road improvement works for the Streets Ahead project.

From Monday 3 to Friday 7 August, from 7am-7pm each day, 51 buses will run between Broomhill and Sandygate along Fulwood Road, Gladstone Road, Ivy Park Road, Carsick Hill Road and re-join the normal route on Sandygate Road to and form Lodge Moor.

Buses on services 273, 274 and 275 are not affected and will still run along Manchester Road and along Benty Lane and Sandygate Road travelling towards the city centre through Crosspool as normal.

At the Crosspool Forum Open Meeting last night concerns were raised in particular about families not being able to easily access Ryegate Children’s Centre on Manchester Road.

51 service update – First Buses


4 Replies to “Disruption to 51 bus service next week”

  1. Would it not have been simpler to rereoute via Manchester Road and Coldwell Lane? Also, it would have been much less disruptive to bus users.

  2. Queried this with First. The reply said that due to unforseen roadworks the bus would use Coldwell lane and Manchester Road. This is what is happening today (Tuesday)

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