Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting you can also download a PDF copy (53K).

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012

Cllrs Geoff Smith & Rob Frost, Police, 20 Crosspool residents & 9 members of the Forum Management Committee attended. No Guest speakers.


2011 Minutes adopted as a true record
Matters arising – none.

Chairman’s report

(Ian Hague). The Forum is in its 10 year & has made positive progress, still publishing the Clarion & very popular website. Acting as a voice for the local residents & continuing to have excellent relations with the Council, police etc. The usual Christmas trees were erected. & then Jubilee flags 8 bunting for the summer, floral displays, days out to (Stratford upon Avon), (BBC Salford Quays). Computer courses, Children’s Christmas disco, car boot sales. Crosspool Festival Week & Summer Fayre, Helpers and ideas to Ian please!

Treasurer’s report

(Chris Batchelor). Again a health end of year bank balance. (but as usual one bill still to come in – summer planters).

Nominations, resignations and election of committee members

Chris Batchelor (Treasurer) has resigned, & Marika Szabo (Hagg Copse & the Orchard). Anyone interested in joining the Management Committee to contact Ian or any member. A mandate was given to Ian & the committee to choose a new treasurer.

Open meeting

26th July minutes adopted as a true record

1) Cllr Smith gave explanation on previous questions.  2) 51 bus route

Police report

PC Louise Atha:

  1. Burglaries, although not a major problem at the moment residents were urged to keep their doors & lower windows locked at all times.
  2. Under-age alcohol (&soon, firework) purchase. Of 24 shops tested one was breaking the law by selling to under-age children.
  3. Operation Dark Nights starting soon- Halloween & Bonfire Night
  4. The Broomhill SNA have the lowest statistics for anti-social behaviour in the city! S/A drink-drive campaign will start again on 1st Dec.

Councillors questions and answers

  1. Election for a Police Commissioner (15th Nov). Both Geoff Smith & Rob Frost did not agree with the need for this extra role, but urged people to use their vote. Full information on the candidates may not come through the door (lack of volunteers) but can be found on the BBC websites.
  2. HGV vehicles in the Hagg Hill/Stephen Hill areas, Lorries are still following their satnavs & trying to use these routes. Better signage was requested.
  3. A57 roadwork’s progress? the new relationship with Amey is proving difficult for residents to access information about highways issues. Queries through the SWCA please
  4. Broomhill library? The financial details about the proposed move to Ashdell Rd are still under discussion.
  5. No.51 buses? First Bus is putting more resources into this route from next week with additional buses. Residents were asked to keep a note of any issues & pass these to the Councillors,


The Precinct Christmas Trees will go up again, & a Children’s Disco has been arranged for Sunday 2nd December. Well attended Computer courses to continue in Jan 2013. Crosspool Festival Week expected to start on 29th June 2013..

Centenary Celebrations are in hand for 2013 to mark the 100th anniversary of Tapton Congregational Church & the first bus route in Sheffield Jan 1913, the No. 51. A suggested 2014 Crosspool Calendar – ideas/help please?!


  1. Broomhill – new Costa coffee shop opening on the ‘Cream site
  2. Hagg Copse expected to be put back to its original state in the spring, after the building work
  3. Road Show at Wesley Hall (31st Oct) – theme active ageing.

The next Open Meeting will be Thurs, 25 October 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012 (PDF, 53KB)


2 Replies to “Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012”

  1. From Councillor Geoff Smith

    1. A57. I asked Moira Coad of Amey about this and this is her reply. I have enquired about the temp traffic lights on Manchester Road. They are there for safety reasons as the retaining wall and highway started to slip last May. Streetforce was keeping an eye on it to see whether it was still slipping or whether it was just a one-off event. Since the Streets Ahead contract commenced we have commissioned a ground survey (within the next two weeks) which will provide evidence about why the ground slipped and enable a solution to be developed to resolve the issue long-term. I know that local residents are looking for a quick solution so I have asked to be kept informed of the results of the survey and what the solution will be (including timescales) so that I can keep local Councillors, the CA and residents updated. 2. Parking across Drives. I asked PCSO Pam Thompson about this and this is her reply Myself and PCSO Gaz Hizam spend alot of time on Lydgate Lane in relation to parking issues. Gaz has personal contact with residents who inform us when a vehicle has parked in front of their drive. We have spoken to various parents who have offended whilst we were present. The problem is we cannot be there every single day, therefore people will commit offences. We have asked parking services to attend several times in the past, they can issue tickets for parking on double yellows.


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