More recycling delays for Crosspool

Manchester Road
Manchester Road: recycling should be collected tomorrow

Crosspool households on Manchester Road and Ringstead Avenue are still waiting for their blue bins and boxes to be emptied today.

Veolia have advised that they should all be emptied tomorrow (Tuesday).

Two weeks ago there were also delays to Veolia’s recycling service, with 12 roads in our area not having their recycling collected on the scheduled day.


3 Replies to “More recycling delays for Crosspool”

  1. Veolia haven’t got a clue. One of 2 things will happen tomorrow –
    1) They will refuse to take my blue bin as its now full of unrecyclable rubbish thanks to the school kids filling it (the only time they actually have used the bins in Crosspool!!!!)
    2) They don’t know that polystyrene is a plastic and won’t take the bins contents on that basis (like they didn’t 2 weeks ago!!!)

    Not sure what we pay council tax for up here in Crosspool.

  2. Thanks for the info and true to form my friends at Veolia used their sound judgment to not take my bin full of plastic (of all sorts away) again today. However, this does raise a question….am i alone in using the blue bin to recycle plastic wrapping, carrier bags etc? I thought the whole point of recycling was to reduce landfill and reduce the amount of raw materials consumed on our nice planet. Now it looks like the only recyclables veolia are interested in are the ones they can easily sell and make money from whilst relying on us to sort them. Better get my scales out to weigh it all so I can bill Veolia for my recyclables and my time to pay for Christmas!!

    (p.s. If we could sell the recyclables back to Veolia, I’d actually encourage everyone to donate the cash to the local cub/scout group who were out of Monday evening litter picking. Great job and many thanks to all of you for helping make Crosspool the best place to live in Sheffield! 🙂

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