Dransfield Road Olympic bells to ring out on Friday morning

Dransfield Road

Dransfield Road: will be bell ringing on Friday

Residents of Dransfield Road are invited to join in with three minutes of bell ringing to mark the start of the Olympics on Friday morning.

People all over the country will be taking part in artist and musician Martin Creed’s ‘Work No.1197: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes’, a simultaneous, nationwide bell-ringing to celebrate the first day of London 2012.

So if you live on Dransfield then you’re invited to meet outside number 83 at 8am to start ringing at 12 minutes past. The organiser has some bells, however if you have any then bring them along.

Tea and toast will be served after if the weather is nice.

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3 Responses to Dransfield Road Olympic bells to ring out on Friday morning

  1. Glenda de Brouwer says:

    Is this only for residents of Dransfield Road?

  2. Beckie says:

    Hi Glenda,

    We registered as a private event do we disn’t have to get insurance etc! ! However, if you would like to join in this uninsured event and promise not to sue if you bang your finger on a clanger or something, you are welcome to come and ring your bells with us !

  3. Another local event contributing to “Work No.1197:” is at St John’s Ranmoor – of course also on Friday at 0812. No bellringing expertise is required – we will be CHIMING the bells, which is different and easier than ringing full-circle – and there’s a brief (ten-minute?) practice at 4pm Thursday – just turn left through the outside doors and it’s an easy 31 steps up to the ringing chamber

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