Update on recycling and garden waste issues

New Crookes Councillor Geoff Smith has been in touch and asked us to report back his findings on two waste management issues raised at Monday’s Open Meeting. Geoff writes:

1. Flexible use of blue bin and blue box

Blue box: from April can be used to recycle bottles
Blue box: flexible use now coming to Crosspool in September

As you know it has been agreed in principle that residents will be able to use these flexibly, deciding for themselves which one they use for glass etc and which for paper etc. The date 23 May was mentioned. This is not the date for Crookes ward. This is the date for the north west and the south east of the city. The rest, including Crosspool, will be some time in September (date to be announced). All residents will receive a letter of information/explanation before the September date.

2. Green sacks

Green sacks
Green sacks can be collected from libraries and the town hall

As explained at the meeting, these are in use again and can be collected from libraries and the town hall. When you have filled them they should be left (visibly) inside your property and you should ring Veolia to ask them to be collected. This will be done within 20 days. Reasonably someone suggested that it would be better if there was a set day for collection for everyone in an area. This is what happens at the moment in the south east on a four weekly cycle and this is about to be rolled out across the whole city. There should be an announcement shortly.

One Reply to “Update on recycling and garden waste issues”

  1. I had 3 sacks collected last week even though I’d not called Veolia. I understand that they have now reverted to picking up what ever they see as they pass.

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