Grass verge protection measures installed in Crosspool

Two sets of wooden bollards have been installed in response to concerns over damage to grass verges by vehicles.

A set of four of the bollards are located on Marsh Lane at its junction with Lydgate Lane, and a further four are adjacent to 42/46 Tapton Hill Road. They are funded by the South West Community Assembly.

The bollards prevent vehicles from mounting the grass verge areas between the pavement and the road. Their arrival follows requests from local residents worried about erosion.

New wooden bollards on Marsh Lane
New wooden bollards on Marsh Lane
Cars are now prevented from parking on grass verges
Cars are now prevented from parking on grass verges

4 Replies to “Grass verge protection measures installed in Crosspool”

  1. I am pleased to see that the Council listen to some residents in the area and their grass verge is now protected. I have been in touch with the Council for over 3 years about the grass verges on Sandygate Road, and had promises of visits and copies of emails about the problem but neither as yet have reached me. If the Council do not act soon their will be no grass verge left to complain about as it is being eroded by vehicles driving over it, and the mud created is now filling the drainage channel at the edge of the carriageway.

  2. I wish the Council could do more to save our grass verges. The verge outside Manchester road Doctor’s surgery is a disgrace. How can drivers be so inconsiderate?

    1. Agreed again! I see also that drivers are now managing to ruin another verge towards the end of Marsh Lane! Also I wonder why they have stopped putting up bollards on Stephen Hill. They have missed the worst bits right at the top.

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