Route 51 bus fare discounts to continue

Bus operator First has announced that the current discount fares on the 51 bus running from Lodge Moor to Charnock via town are to continue until at least March 2011.

The promotional fares, which were launched last June, mean that a single journey from Crosspool to town costs £1.60, compared to the previous price of £1.95.

The operator says that the 51 has seen encouraging growth in passenger number and the price reductions continue the company’s strategy of using promotions to stimulate passenger growth.

The promotional prices for route 51 are:

  • Most single fares reduced
  • ‘Local hop’ single fares from 85p
  • Maximum single fare £1.95
Crosspool bus stop
Route 51: discounted fares have stimulated growth in passenger numbers

2 Replies to “Route 51 bus fare discounts to continue”

  1. Its a shame they continue to run an ad hock service. Its Friday night, I went out for the 20.08 bus ( as per internet timetable) to meet friends in town, arrived at the bus stop at 8pm an waited for 33 mins. the roads were clear there is no excuse. Its no wonder people shun public transport.

  2. A similar thing happened to me last Saturday – turned up for the 7.30ish bus to go to town and it never arrived, despite appearing on the digital tracker at the bus stop. In the end we shared a cab with other people at the bus stop who were in the same situation.

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