Crosspool Christmas Trees 2022

Just a few of the many volunteers

Just a few of the guys and gals who turned out to brave a cold and dank Sunday morning to help adorn a festival of 22 Christmas trees with twinkling lights, before putting them up in the Crosspool shopping precinct to celebrate Christmas 22.

Through the hard work of our community volunteers and the generosity of Crosspool businesses, the Crosspool Forum has once again provided (Valley Side Garden Centre) Christmas trees, each decorated by groups of individuals, to bring cheer and joy to shoppers using the precinct.

Steve and Ian would like to thank the volunteers and local businesses, without whose help and support the Crosspool Forum simply couldn’t run this event

A special mention must go to the staff of Hudson’s café, who once again generously donated cups of tea and coffee for all the volunteers, and to Direct Travel for allowing us to use their concourse for preparing the Christmas trees.


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