Waxwing in Crosspool,

Sheffield Birders report a Waxwing in Crosspool, which will explain the binoculars peering upwards on Manchester Road at lunchtime today 10/1/2023



Crosspool Christmas Tree Shredding

Recognising the importance to dispose of our real Christmas trees sustainably rather than end up in landfill, which is both costly to the taxpayer and the environment,

On Sunday morning 8th January, the Crosspool Forum had arranged a brief window for the community to drag their discarded Christmas trees to the forecourt in front of local travel agents “Direct Travel.”

The huge number of Christmas trees brought for recycling were soon reduced to wood chippings for mulch, outdoor firewood, animal bedding and pathways locally.

It was gratifying to hear the residents of Crosspool appreciate the hard work of the volunteers and the convenience of being able to dispose of their Christmas trees environmentally friendly.  

Crosspool Christmas Tree Recycling

Crosspool Forum loves shredding real Christmas trees and encourages you, for a small donation, to recycle your discarded Christmas tree.

Andrew Clayton, a Local tree specialist, will provide Christmas tree recycling for the Community of Crosspool between 10am & 11.30am this Sunday 8th January 2023

The Crosspool Forum would like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to ”Direct Travel”, for allowing us to use the space in front of their premises.

Please observe social distancing when dropping off your tree and suggested donation.

2023 Crosspool Calendar

2923 Crosspool Calendar

The 2023 Crosspool Calendars are still available.

Whilst shopping in Crosspool, don’t miss the opportunity, to pop along to GT News, Charisma, Enhance, or the Pet Shop for your 2023 Crosspool Calendar. Many of the photos in the calendar were taken by local residents.

Monies raised from calendar sales go to help the Crosspool Forum fund local events, and improve and promote the well-being of the community.

Brass Quartet

last Saturday lunchtime we were privileged to listen to a lovely brass quartet playing Christmas Carols outside “Charisma” in the Crosspool precinct.
Sadly the weather was awful and after 20 minutes we retired to the Nest café to continue listening and to dry off.
Big thanks to Joy and the players for braving the weather for the shopper’s pleasure.
We are looking forward to seeing them in the precinct next year, with hopefully better weather, – and we’ll bring some words so we can sing along.  (Bob & Margaret)

Crosspool Christmas Trees 2022

Just a few of the many volunteers

Just a few of the guys and gals who turned out to brave a cold and dank Sunday morning to help adorn a festival of 22 Christmas trees with twinkling lights, before putting them up in the Crosspool shopping precinct to celebrate Christmas 22.

Through the hard work of our community volunteers and the generosity of Crosspool businesses, the Crosspool Forum has once again provided (Valley Side Garden Centre) Christmas trees, each decorated by groups of individuals, to bring cheer and joy to shoppers using the precinct.

Steve and Ian would like to thank the volunteers and local businesses, without whose help and support the Crosspool Forum simply couldn’t run this event

A special mention must go to the staff of Hudson’s café, who once again generously donated cups of tea and coffee for all the volunteers, and to Direct Travel for allowing us to use their concourse for preparing the Christmas trees.