Crosspool Christmas Tree Recycling

Crosspool Forum loves shredding real Christmas trees and encourages you, for a small donation, to recycle your discarded Christmas tree.

Andrew Clayton, a Local tree specialist, will provide Christmas tree recycling for the Community of Crosspool between 10am & 11.30am on Sunday 10th January 2021.

The Crosspool forum would like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to ”Direct Travel”, for allowing us to use the space in front of their premises.

Please observe social distancing when dropping off your tree and suggested donation.

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

The Crosspool Forum wishes you, your family, friends, and neighbours
a Christmas filled with Warmth, Peace and Joy!

Stay safe and take care for a New Year full of hope for better times ahead!!


Crosspool Precinct Carolling

Tomorrow Saturday 18th December, 11.00am to 12noon.
With a gentle breeze and very little chance of rain, just wrap up warm, bring your neighbours & friends, grab a takeaway drink from a local Crosspool café and enjoy Christmas Carolling with a Brass Quartet playing in the Crosspool Precinct.

Brass Quartet

The Musicians all play in different brass bands and love getting together at Christmas for carolling. They will have a collection bucket and voluntary donations are very much appreciated which will go towards the running costs of their bands.

Thank you so much!

Carols in Crosspool


The Charisma shop in Crosspool,
Now Open Every Monday up to Christmas, has organised a Brass Quartet to play Christmas carols and festive tunes in the precinct between 11am and 1pm this Saturday 4th December.

Observing social distancing at all times, the musicians and Charisma would love you to take this opportunity to enjoy listening to your favourite Christmas Carols with them. 

If you would like a particular carol played please don’t hesitate to approach them with your request

The quartet is looking forward to bringing a bit of cheer to all you lovely people, who, by shopping locally, help keep Crosspool vibrant and inviting.


Christmas Fayre Cancelled

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust CHRISTMAS FAYRE sponsored by GRI Group is CANCELLED It is with a very heavy heart that we write this message. Today we experienced heavy snow that closed down the ability to even get to the farm safely. Even though the main roads are now cleared we have been assessing the farm hourly in the hope the snow would melt away and we could all come together for the fayre tomorrow and make it a great event, if only for one day! Actually getting the farm is now not a problem, but our site after receiving the heavy snow and such cold conditions today we feel is not safe enough to accommodate the event. Our fields are not suitable for car parking, nobody wants to be towed out by tractor (maybe the kids would) and parking large volumes of cars on the main road would cause major problems in the area. The whole site will no doubt be very icy tomorrow morning which would cause a problem not only for our traders reaching the barn to unload and set up but could cause health and safety issues for all our visitors. Even with all the grit and shovels we have we just couldn’t get the site to a satisfactory level in time. The safety of our visitors is of the utmost importance to us, and we want you to come and have a great experience with us at every event. We are devastated as the fayre is a crucial fundraising event for our charity, all funds raised would have supported our work with vulnerable children and young adults in the region. We know you will be disappointed with this news, but trust us we are majorly upset to be losing funds… all the hard work that has gone into this event by our team is heart-breaking, but if there is one thing we just can’t control, it is the British weather. Obviously, we will issue refunds, please bear with us while we process these over the next few days. If we require any additional information from you we will be in touch early next week. We hope you will join us for future events in 2022 and continue to support the vital work we do. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and we hope you will join us on the farm again soon.

Crosspool Christmas Tree Recycling Update

Having now been officially advised that trips for waste management and Community work/volunteering are permitted during the current lock down, in the interest of protecting the environment, the Crosspool Forum  has taken the decision to go ahead with the Christmas Tree Recycling this Sunday, 10th January 2021 –(10am to 11.30am).

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and STRICT SAFETY GUIDELINES are observed, the following steps will be taken to help keep everyone safe during the tree recycling.

Everyone will be required to:-

  • Observe Social Distancing –
  • Wear a Face Covering –
  • Follow the Guidance of the Forum Volunteer Marshals, who will be on hand all morning to supervise socially distanced one-way queuing during a drop and go approach.
  • (NO Hanging around or Gathering Socially).

Thank you for your interest in protecting the environment by recycling your Christmas  tree and for your understanding that these steps have had to be taken to help keep our Volunteers and attendees safe during these unprecedented times.

To find out more about the virus and how you can do your bit, visit the NHS, and National Lockdown Guidance. websites.

Christmas Tree Recycling Reminder

Please! Please!, respect the environment and everyone’s Safety,  make recycling your Christmas tree a real family occasion by disposing of your tree sensibly on Sunday Morning, 10th January, between 10am & 11.30am,  

Can we respectfully ask that you DON’T drop your tree off before this date and time.

Crosspool Christmas

Christmas was always going to be a bit different for everyone this year.

Though we couldn’t come together to celebrate Christmas as we would have liked. Undaunted, and determined to lift  everyone’s spirits, the residents of Crosspool went the extra mile to decorate and adorn their homes and gardens with a wonderful sparkling displays of festive lights for everyone’s delight on their evening walks around Crosspool.

Crosspool Christmas Illimitations
Loxley Brass Band

Some of you may have had the good fortunate to hear five members of the Loxley brass band playing Christmas carols as they toured the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve.   

Crosspool Christmas Compassion

A few weeks ago when Hayley Midwinter (a Crosspool resident)  was having her daily chinwag with Mo, the Big Issue seller outside the Spar in Crosspool, he told her that he had been robbed of his rucksack and coat etc. just after getting off the bus near to his home.

Hayley thought I must try to find something that would help to keep him warm.
Alas after a rummage through her attic and finding nothing that would help Mo out, she posted a request for donations on S10 Sales and Swaps and was absolutely dumbfounded by people’s trust and kindness when inundated with wonderful donations of clothes and money. One lovely, amazing, kind, unbelievable couple, who she didn’t know, knocked on her door and gave her £50! Her family couldn’t believe their trust and kindness.  

When these donations were presented to Mo at his spot outside the Spar he was astonished at the community’s generosity and was extremely grateful for the assistance he had been given. The lovely Crosspoolers who donated, made it a happy Christmas for Mo, his sons and family in Pakistan.

Moe outside the Spar

Happy New Year to you all!!