Coronavirus – Helping the Vulnerable and Self-isolating

Coronavirus – Helping the Vulnerable and Self-isolating

Cllr Anne Murphy met with the leaders of the Crosspool Forum and other Crookes and Crosspool groups today.

Adult health and social care workers, housing officers, community wellbeing staff, Crosspool Care and other members of the Voluntary Community Forum sector were present at the meetings

As a result of those meetings a very clear message came out that we want to give to everyone:

This is an update to all those kind people wanting to be Volunteers and give support to local vulnerable and self-isolating people in their local areas and roads.

  • Please DON’T send letters out to people asking them to respond to you if they need help, you may be putting yourself and others at risk.
  • Please DON’T do any work with vulnerable people without the knowledge and appropriate protection of the relevant leaders in your area from the above groups who are co-ordinating volunteers and staff for people in your area.

Please follow the Voluntary Action Sheffield advice and ensure anyone wanting to help is DBS checked.

VAS is meeting tomorrow 17th March 2pm at the Town Hall Jill Malcolm is co-ordinating attendants please contact her for any information or if you intend to go to the meeting.
Public Health Sheffield along with VAS is also able to give out help and advice

Phone 111 if you require any NHS advice and support

Please contact Cllr Anne Murphy with any issues you feel you don’t have access to advice on.                 Tel: 07788917981






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