“Thumbelina”, a lovely Pantomime!

The mature enthusiasm and confidence, clear speaking and good expression of the actors and chorus line, aged between 9 and 18, was very impressive.

The amazing and spectacularly larger-than-life costumes highlighted the effort and work the crew and production team had put into staging Stephen Hill Youth Pantomime’s 52nd production, was clear for everyone to see.Helen D Gill

As the curtain came down on an outstanding example of musical youth theatre, Crosspool Forum chair, Ian Hague, came on stage and presented, producer and organiser, Helen Delaney Gill with the “2019 Crosspool Person of the Year” award.  This award recognises the outstanding contribution Helen has made to Pantomime, going above and beyond to care about the community and consistently giving up time and effort to help others.


4 Replies to ““Thumbelina”, a lovely Pantomime!”

  1. Deserves the recognition… fantastic to be a part of. My child has grown in confidence being a part of this the last 5 years and made loads of friends. Great that the community can come together. Really well done!

  2. It was an amazing Pantomime with excellent performances by all concerned! Helen definitely deserves the recognition after many years of contributing to this wonderful annual event!

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