“The Plough Inn” on Sandygate Road, Crosspool, is set to be demolished.

The Plough, Crosspool
The Plough, Crosspool

A planning application has been submitted to the Sheffield City Council Planning Dept. for the Demolition of “The Plough” public house and its ancillary buildings; and for the erection of eight dwellings and associated undercroft car parking with the formation of access to the highway.

The deadline for submitting comments for this is, Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

Details of the planning proposal (19/02130/FUL) can be found at- planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk



  1. It’s an application, not a decision, so it’s not yet ‘set’. Please, object! The owners have marketed it as a pub at a ludicrous rent, and neglected the building to try to achieve what they planned all along: demolition and redevelopment.

    1. Hi there,does anyone know what’s happening with this pub? I’m viewing properties nearby. Many thanks

  2. Very sad to hear The Plough is going to be demolished, yet another piece of Crosspool history lost in the name of progress, more money to be made putting boxy little houses on the site. Very sad.

  3. There are some greedy people in the world. They bought it knowing full-well it was listed as an asset of community value, and have just cynically bought their time before trying to run roughshod over planning laws and the local community. What a big and horrendously ugly block they want to put in its place too!

    I wonder if the Football Association and the National Football Museum can be brought on board to support/promote the campaign?

  4. I am really quite sad Sainsbury’s didn’t get the site. At least the fabric of the building would have been saved and probably in years to come it may have reverted back, as a lady that has lived in Crosspool for over 50 years I remember the massive objections to a fish and chip shop ( now the Chinese) and hence not only have we a Chinese but a fish and chip shop which is well used for the community. People also objected to Tesco and the amount of people that use this facility now is unbelievable.
    People are also objecting to a phone mast. As an older resident I don’t use my mobile very much but I am sure many people do.

  5. The pub was hardly used so it shut, it’s just economics. People should use the facilities locally or accept they will disappear.

    1. Economics shouldn’t be the sole governor of planning regulation, & maybe if Govt stopped over taxing Pubs it might be easier, but if not a Pub then it should be re-purposed – Not lost to 1-track developers for yet another set of cheap as possible boxes. The Pub, with its local history, is a far better looking & far better designed building than what ‘Spacepad construction’ would throw up.

  6. Sorry to see it is being demolished . I used to go to 21st birthday parties there in the 60s in the large upstairs room . Jill Hill

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