Carver Fields under threat?

It’s our understanding that a decision has been taken to sell the Carver fields on Hagg Lane.

These fields have provided a healthy recreational facility for everyone for many years. If this proves to be the case, and the fields become a building site, this would be a significant loss to the community and to our heritage.

We’ll let you know if we hear more on this.


6 Replies to “Carver Fields under threat?”

  1. Carver Fields was not proposed as a development site when the Council consulted landowners and developers in its “Call for Sites” consultation document in 2014. The Council is currently preparing the new Sheffield Plan for the City and has prepared a “Strategic Land Availability Assessment” of potential and committed housing sites in the City. Appendix 7 sets out all the sites proposed following the Call for Sites Consultation, including sites in the Green Belt. Although Carver Fields, which is in the Green Belt, was not proposed at the time it is quite possible that when the Council’s Plan is published (and assuming the Council does not include Carver Fields as a site to be taken out of the Green Belt and allocated for housing) the new owners would propose the site for housing as an objection to the draft Plan. Clearly it would be preferable for the Site to remain in its present ownership but if it is sold progress in the preparation of the Sheffield Plan should be closely monitored and comments made at the appropriate time.
    It is not inconceivable that if the new owners are a development company they would submit a planning application ahead of the publication of the new Plan. However, most development, including housing would be contrary to current local and national planning policies and would be unlikely to succeed.

  2. So many of us walk along these fields on a very regular basis to enjoy the view, the exercise and the fresh air. Can anyone tell me what we need to do to preserve this green piece of land for the public to enjoy?

  3. For Carver Fields to be turned into a building development it would need to be sold by its present owners (Methodist Church) to a developer, or to someone devious enough to pass it on to a developer. It is the intention of local residents to form a group to do what they can to protect Carver Fields from any threat of change of use from a recreational green space. Further news about the Fields and what interested local people can do to protect this lovely bit of land will be posted in this thread. It would be helpful if the Chairman that posted the thread could identify how they heard about the proposed sale.

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