Update on CDYST cycle track

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from http://www.cdyst.co.uk

The trustees at Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) have an update regarding plans to install a cycle track at the facility.

We have received some encouraging news about a possible grant for the
proposed cycling area and cycle track on the CDYST playing field.

To recap briefly, we are proposing tarmacking a flat area, approximately 15m by 16m, to the left of the building, as seen from Coldwell Lane. We would also tarmac a cycling track which would run from the building down to the tennis courts, with a small turning area at the bottom. This would not interfere in any way with the football pitch.

To date people seem to be overwhelmingly in support of the project and welcome a safe, traffic free area where young people can learn to ride a bike and where older people can brush up their cycling skills.

If there is anything you wish the trustees to consider before the plans are finalised, please email akpemberton@hotmail.com by Tuesday 19 May 2015.

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