Planned Phone Mast at CDYST

You have until Wednesday 22nd December to comment on the proposal to erect a 20 m EE mast at the CDYST, Coldwell Lane.
Planning Application  Reference

Apparently, 23 other sites were looked at and dismissed due to their close proximity to residential property and schools.

The Crosspool District Youth Sports Trust (C.D.Y.S.T.) is a non-profit making charitable trust set up to benefit the local community in providing sporting and recreational facilities in a hall and on outside grounds.

CDYST Sports field

These facilities are in constant use by the youth of the community. Every year hundreds of children use these facilities for, dance classes,
playgroups, children’s parties, Makenki Karate, girls’ & boys’ football teams, and many other youth activities.

Planning and development.
Regenerating Sheffield, ensuring all new development is sustainable, raising design quality and launching a new City Plan.


Glasses case found at CDYST

Found in CDYST car park (Coldwell Lane) on Wednesday – one dark blue glasses case – ‘Luxotica’ – with reading glasses inside. Contact Gillian on 0114 229 5670.

Purse found at Summer Fayre

A young person’s purse was handed in at last Saturday’s busy Summer Fayre on Coldwell Lane.

If you have lost your purse and think it may be yours then please call 0114 266 3473, or contact the Crosspool Forum via giving a brief description and we’ll try to return it to its owner.

Also – if anyone has found a child’s pink rain mac that was lost at the Crosspool Summer Fayre on Saturday, please let us know.

CDYST playground reopens with new camel ride

New camel ride at CDYST
New camel ride at CDYST

A new camel ride and safety surfacing has been installed in the under 12s playground at Crosspool & District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane.

Secretary and trustee Gillian Drinkwater said: “Thank you to everyone who contributed to our funds to make this possible.

“Now the warmer weather and lighter evenings are here may we ask parents to ensure their football-mad youngsters do not use the hall walls for practising against? Sadly the permanent goal  posts had to be removed, but that does not mean the wall is a suitable alternative as this causes great distress to users inside, and children doing this and refusing to stop  have  been reported to the police.”


New ride and surfacing for CDYST

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

The trustees of Crosspool & District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane have asked us to pass on that news the children’s playground is out of use for a few days.

This is because the old safety tiles are being replaced by modern wet-pour safety surfacing – plus there’ll be a new spring ride!

The improvements should be all completed by the end of next week.

CDYST thanks Sheffield company for improvements grant

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

A message from Gillian Drinkwater, Secretary and Trustee of Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST):

CDYST wishes to thank the Henry Boot Community First Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire for its generous grant in December 2015.

This has allowed the trustees to buy more orange barrier netting, new shepherd’s crook fencing pins and some keep off the grass signs. These are used every spring when we close the Coldwell Lane under 11s pitches for essential summer maintenance – the expensive hollow-tining, reseeding, weedkiller spraying and fertilizer spreading – and our old materials were getting very shabby.

The grant was obtained with the kind assistance of the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST)

Trustee vacancy at CDYST Coldwell Lane

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

Are you interested in an active Crosspool? Do you have a couple of evening hours a month to spare?

Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane is seeking a sixth trustee to join us to in managing and developing our resources for the future.

They hold local, informal monthly meetings and would love to get some fresh ideas and skills on the team.

If you’re interested, email

Meanwhile, on Sunday 13 September, a door key was found in the car park at the CDYST sports hall on Coldwell Lane. Please email if you think it is yours.