Alpacas make their home in Crosspool on Holly Hagg


A small herd of alpacas are settling in on a field near Hagg Lane allotments in Crosspool.

The three male animals have the run of Holly Hagg, a three-acre plot on the hill where Long Lane meets Back Lane/Bole Hill Road. They’ve been there about four weeks.

Crosspool alpacas
Crosspool alpacas

They’re very hardy animals, and a north-facing slope in Sheffield is nothing compared to where the species originated in the Andes. They don’t like getting wet so have a shelter at the bottom of the field.

Holly Hagg isn’t open access, but you can usually get a good view of the alpacas from Long Lane. If you see someone working in the field when you visit then have a word with them and you should be able to take a closer look.

The alpacas are neutered and were sold as ‘seconds’. They don’t hold much financial value but are microchipped, tagged and registered with the British Alpaca Society for easy identification.

The herd and Holly Hagg are a looked after by community group called Friends of Holly Hagg. Their aim is to make the land more fertile, biodiverse, beautiful and productive. As well as the alpacas, there’s already plenty going on with bee hives, a pond ready to be filled, a simple irrigation system and plots for vegetables.

If you want to find out more or get involved with Friends of Holly Hagg, get in touch with Claire via Facebook, on 07779 067718 or by emailing

Crosspool alpacas
Crosspool alpacas
Crosspool alpacas on Holly Hagg
Crosspool alpacas on Holly Hagg
Crosspool alpacas
Crosspool alpacas grazing
Crosspool alpacas
Crosspool alpacas

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