Crookes ward results: Labour win for Anne Murphy

Sheffield’s Liberal Democrat leader Shaffaq Mohammed has been beaten to the Crookes ward seat by Labour’s Anne Murphy in the 2014 local elections.

Labour won with 2,103 votes, with the Liberal Democrats second with 1,833. The Green Party was third on 1,141.

The full results for the Crookes ward were:

Overall city results means that Labour maintains control of the council.

The European Election results due to be announced on Sunday at 10pm.


6 Replies to “Crookes ward results: Labour win for Anne Murphy”

  1. Very sorry the Lib Dems did not get in in the Crookes ward. The whole team worked very hard. As usual Labour put little effort in and got the vote anyway which is typical of Sheffield

    1. Actually, Shelley, the Labour team put forward a very strong candidate in Anne Murphy, and spent a lot of time and effort in convincing voters that she was the right person to represent them on Sheffield Council. Crookes ward is by no means an easy win for Labour – as you will see if you look at previous election results. The LibDems ran a very negative campaign, and Mr Mohammed’s last minute flit from Broomhill certainly did not fill me with confidence about his commitment to the ward – it looked more like a manoeuvre to save his neck.

      1. I would like to see our new councillor’s commitment to the ward now by fighting these dangerous new winter maintenance proposals which will see many Crosspool residents stranded at home in bad weather, with a risk of serious accident if we go out.

        I voted for her as she lives on my street, but I am upset these proposals were probably deliberately delayed till now, and this to me is a big test of how committed Labour are to the working people of the ward (without the student vote they wouldn’t have one councillor here). I will be watching this very carefully.

  2. I seriously wonder if Steve has looked at the detailed map of the proposed changes, and the criteria? To suggest that people will be ‘ stranded at home in bad weather, with a risk of serious accident if we go out’ because Stephen Hill & Coldwell Lane are not gritted is hyperbole at its best. The Priority 1 roads, which cover the main roads through Crosspool including bus routes will continue to be cleared. Sensible people will use these and not put themselves and others at risk, nor expect scarce resources to be used to facilitate them being able to continue to drive around as though it were still mid Summer. I expect our Councillors will have more important & pressing problems to deal with, although I do wonder about his claim to live on the same street, given that Ms Murphy lives on a Road?

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