Local skier Woodsy does Crosspool proud in Sochi

James Woods

Crosspool skier James Woods

Crosspool’s James Woods skied through the pain to finish fifth in the men’s ski slopestyle final today at the Winter Olympics.

Woodsy picked up a hip injury in training which prevented him from competing to his full ability. Despite the injury, he scored an impressive 86.60 in his first run.

Well done James – you did us proud!

Sochi 2014: James Woods misses out on slopestyle medal for Britain

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1 Response to Local skier Woodsy does Crosspool proud in Sochi

  1. Glenda de Brouwer says:

    Hiya Woodsy,
    You were truly inspirational!
    Just so you know, many of your old teachers and teaching assistants at Lydgate Juniors were right behind you. We were watching you on the big screen in the school hall and you were on in our classroom too. Three cheers to Woodsy were raised to you in our class in honour of your achievement. Call in and see us sometime.
    All the best,
    Glenda de Brouwer.

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