Dransfield Road children enjoy playing out

Playing out on Dransfield Road
Playing out on Dransfield Road

The top half of Dransfield Road was closed on Friday afternoon to allow children to play out in safety on the street.

Four local mums were successful in their application for Sheffield’s first-ever ‘playing out’ session, which saw the road closed to traffic from the Barholm Road junction upwards, with stewarded access for residents.

Householders on the road were invited to come out to play or pop out just for a chat after school between 4pm and 5.30pm.

Over 30 children from Dransfield Road and neighbouring Barholm Road and Cardoness Drive enjoyed a fantastic afternoon.

One of the mums, Bron Ray, initiated the event after reading about a similar scheme in Bristol which encourages residents to close their roads for an hour or two. The scheme aims to provide local children with a rare opportunity to ride their bikes, kick a football and play chalk games in the street.

The event on Dransfield Road was a huge success and the residents are planning to reapply to the council to secure future Playing Out events for their children.

As one five-year-old said on the day, being allowed to play out on the road was ‘absolutely awesome!’

Video on The Star website: playing out on Dransfield Road

The Playing Out project


2 Replies to “Dransfield Road children enjoy playing out”

  1. What about people who needed to get their cars in and out? Who cleans up the mess? What a stupid idea!

  2. Here’s an idea: what about a day for grown-ups to do what they want? A day when car owners can drive up and down the road at high speed, racing each other and having fun doing handbrake turns, with all the children kept safely inside and out of the way? Or a day when motorcyclists can do wheelies without having to worry about cars and prams? Or a special night when cyclists can peddle as fast as they like on the pavements without having to worry about pedestrians getting in the way because they’ll all be safely tucked-up in bed or just banned from going to/leaving their homes?

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