Road resurfacing work continues from 14 July in Sandygate

Blossom on Watt Lane
Watt Lane: to be resurfaced as part of the Streets Ahead project

Work to resurface roads, replace pavements and install new streetlights is due to start on Crosspool streets in the Sandygate district.

Roads in what contractor Amey is calling zone B45 include Watt Lane, Selborne Road, Cairns Road, Cardoness Road and Drive, Dransfield Road and Close and Barholm Road.

Two separate road closures are scheduled for the second half of July. Cars parked on closed roads may be towed away, with a fee due to have your vehicle released.

Residents living in affected roads should have received letters confirming the details – read a copy here (PDF, 71KB).

Streets Ahead Sandygate zone B45 latest – Sheffield City Council



Dransfield Road children enjoy playing out

Playing out on Dransfield Road
Playing out on Dransfield Road

The top half of Dransfield Road was closed on Friday afternoon to allow children to play out in safety on the street.

Four local mums were successful in their application for Sheffield’s first-ever ‘playing out’ session, which saw the road closed to traffic from the Barholm Road junction upwards, with stewarded access for residents.

Householders on the road were invited to come out to play or pop out just for a chat after school between 4pm and 5.30pm.

Over 30 children from Dransfield Road and neighbouring Barholm Road and Cardoness Drive enjoyed a fantastic afternoon.

One of the mums, Bron Ray, initiated the event after reading about a similar scheme in Bristol which encourages residents to close their roads for an hour or two. The scheme aims to provide local children with a rare opportunity to ride their bikes, kick a football and play chalk games in the street.

The event on Dransfield Road was a huge success and the residents are planning to reapply to the council to secure future Playing Out events for their children.

As one five-year-old said on the day, being allowed to play out on the road was ‘absolutely awesome!’

Video on The Star website: playing out on Dransfield Road

The Playing Out project

Electricity returns to Crosspool following power cut

Hundreds of Crosspool homes were left without power tonight for one and a half hours.

The electricity supply went down at about 8:15pm. Although it returned promptly in some areas, homes and businesses on the Ranmoor side of Crosspool were left without electricity for around 90 minutes. Cardoness Drive, Barholm Road, Dransfield Road and the lower end of Watt Lane were affected, with reports of the blackout stretching as far as Broomhill.

Electricity supplier Northern Power Grid promptly announced its engineers were looking at the problem and around 9:50pm electricity started to return to Crosspool houses. By 11pm there were no more reports of power problems.

Lost tabby cat – can you help?

On Thursday 7 October a seven-year-old tabby cat called Marco went missing from his home on Barholm Road. Have you seen him?

He’s got a red collar with a disc containing his name and phone number. The owners are asking whether local residents could check garages, basements, greenhouses and sheds in case he is trapped inside.

There has been a possible sighting of him up near the Sportsman pub on the other side on Manchester Road.

If you think you might have seen Marco, please ring the owner on 230 5162.

Lost tabby cat
Have you seen this tabby cat?