Your views wanted on the future of our Community Assemblies – deadline Monday

The council is consulting on the future of Community Assemblies. Four main proposals are on the table in response to cuts in government funding and a reduction in services.

Crosspool is part of South West Community Assembly. Community Assemblies currently help decide how services in Sheffield are delivered. The idea is that many decisions that were made in the town hall – including how to spend a Community Assembly budget – are now made within communities via assemblies.

The deadline for responding to the proposals with your comments is tomorrow, Monday 28 January 2013.

Read more about the proposals and fill in the online feedback form.

You can also telephone 0114 273 5299 to give your opinion, or complete a questionnaire over the phone with a member of staff.

2 Replies to “Your views wanted on the future of our Community Assemblies – deadline Monday”

  1. Am a member of Sheffield5o+ and other organisations involved with elderly and disabled peoples rights, and feel strongly that if the Community Assemblies are abolished then the older people in the Community will not have their voice heard. Here in Crosspool there are many care homes, sheltered accommodations and frail elderly people trying to remain independent and relying on the Local Councillors to make sure the get local amenities, services etc. In this very bad weather recently many people have been snowbound as roads were not gritted etc and these meetings gave us a chance to get our issues heard. Crosspool Forum does a good job with publicity and holding Public Meetings but Communuty Assemblies where all constituencies can get together is vital.Please keep this valuable community service, Yours sincerely Elizabeth frampton.

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