Liberal Democrats hold Crookes seat in 2012 local election

Sandygate polling station
Sandygate polling station

Liberal Democrat Rob Frost has been elected as a councillor for Crookes in the 2012 local elections.

The results were as follows:

Rob Frost, Liberal Democrat – 1,965
Abdul Khayum, Labour Party – 1,416
Amy Mack, Green Party – 808
John Hesketh, Independent – 736
James Hoyes, Conservative – 360
Alec Hayward, UKIP – 323

There were a total of 5,608 votes from an electorate of 13,966 in Crookes, which gives a turnout in our ward of 40%.

Overall in Sheffield, the Labour gained nine seats and the Liberal Democrats lost nine. So Labour remain in overall control of Sheffield City Council.

The result for mayoral referendum will be announced later today.

Crookes Ward local election 2012 result

Sheffield local elections May 2012

BBC Vote 2012 Sheffield results

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