Crookes ward: local elections and mayoral referendum on Thursday 3 May

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool

Local residents will be voting in the local council elections and mayoral referendum on Thursday 3 May.

There are 28 seats up for election, which is one third of Sheffield City Council. Crosspool lies in the Crookes ward, where there are six candidates standing:

If any of these candidates read this, it would be great if they could comment below to sum up why Crosspool residents should vote for them.

Voters will also be deciding they would like the council to be run, either by a leader who is an elected councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors (how the council is run now) or by a mayor who is elected by voters.

Sheffield local elections May 2012

10 Replies to “Crookes ward: local elections and mayoral referendum on Thursday 3 May”

  1. I was born in Crosspool.

    I now live round the corner in Sandygate. I’ve lived in this area all my life and I love it here. I play for our local cricket team – Hallam Cricket Club.

    In my job, I help local people with their problems. This includes advising people struggling with their bills, and helping parents trying to get their children into the right local schools.

    If you choose me, you know you will have a local councillor who is a part of our community and who will be here to help you when you need me.

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Rob Frost

    Lib Dem Campaigner for Crookes, Crosspool, Lydgate, Sandygate, and Tapton

    1. Residents of Coningsby House, Sandygate have serious issues with No51 bus services and potholes in Sandygate grove, also problems crossing road from bus stops by Claremont, any help would be appreciated.e mail,, thanks

      1. Hi Elizabeth,

        I am aware that some residents have concerns about the 51 service, and improvements to local bus services is something that I have been campaigning for. In fact, I recently wrote to South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive about price fare increases on the 51 & 52 bus services. I also wrote about a possible re-introduction the number 2 bus service.

        I have sent you an email asking for details. If you would like to check your inbox I’d be happy to see what I can do to help.

        Kind regards,

        Rob Frost

      2. Further to my complaints aboiut potholes in Sandygate Grove, I noticed this morning that they have now been filled in. Residents wish to thank the Council dept. for their prompt service.

      3. Elizabeth
        As I said in an email to you I have received a number of complaints about the reliability of the 51 bus which I have passed on to First. I have not received very satisfactory replies or any noticeable improvements. So I intend to do two things. 1. Ask for a meeting with the relevant operations manager from First. 2. Suggest to First and the Crosspool Forum that someone from First comes to a meeting of the Crosspool Forum to listen to concerns and explain the level of service.

  2. Voters should vote Labour on 3rd May because the Lib-Dems are in a complete mess at local and national level. They are unfit to run this great city of Sheffield in these challenging times! For example:- Refusal to support Sheffield Forgemasters, record levels of youth unemployment amongst Sheffield school leavers, increasing levels of graduate unemployment in one of Britain’s respected University cities. These cuts are full supported by Nick Clegg and Sheffield’s Lib-Dem Councillors.
    Labour will do as much as possible to reduce the effect of Govt cuts on Sheffielders, but unlike the Lib-Dems, Labour will be honest with people and not make false promises! Only Labour is fit enough and cares enough to fight for Sheffield. Already labour has invested £500,000 to create a new apprenticeship scheme for 16-19 year olds, providing 100 apprenticeship places, re-instated 10 Police and Community Support Officer posts, restored cuts to the Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust and established a non-party political Fairness Commission.
    Labour is also working hard in Crookes on local issues that matter to local people. Cllr Geoff Smith has been working extremely hard to support residents with the many and varied issues that they have raised. We now need to strengthen the Labour Team in Crookes so that Labour can continue to work even harder for local people! That’s why Voters should vote for Labour on 3rd May

    Abdul Khayum – Labour Party Candidate for the local elections.

  3. My name is Amy Mack, and I am the Green Party candidate for Crookes ward. I first came to Sheffield six years ago as a student, and fell in love with the city. I currently live in the ward, on Lydgate Lane, with my partner.

    I am particularly interested in issues surrounding quality and access to further and higher education, and will soon be training as a secondary Citizenship teacher. As a local person myself, I care deeply about issues affecting the local area. I am particularly concerned with maintaining the widest possible range of sustainable, locally owned shops and businesses, balancing the needs of long-term residents with the burgeoning student population, and ensuring that vital services are protected from the coalition government’s cuts.

    While the other parties fight each other over small differences in policy, Green councillors in Sheffield have proposed real alternatives that would help to make Sheffield a fairer, safer and more sustainable city for everybody. If you elect me as one of your local councillors, I will continue this tradition by representing your views to the best of my ability at the Town Hall.

    Thank you for reading.

    Amy Mack (Green Party candidate for Crookes ward).

  4. Coningsby House residents very much appreciate all the help given re complaints No51 bus. let us all hope that the problems can be addressed by First bus Co in a satisfactory manner asap.

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