20 youngsters refused places at Lydgate Infants school

Today’s Sheffield Telegraph reports how pupils are being turned away from their local primary schools, with Lydgate Infants being the worst affected:

…this year there were 148 applications for 120 places at Lydgate, compared with the usual average of 117. To cope education chiefs have created 60 extra places at Westways in Crookes and at Hallam Primary in Lodge Moor.

Tough economic times are believed to be a key factor – read the Sheffield Telegraph article or buy a copy of the paper for the full story.


6 Replies to “20 youngsters refused places at Lydgate Infants school”

  1. Do the schools still ensure that the pupils they are taking are living in the community that the school is in. Or are they accepting pupils who do not live in the catchment area??

  2. This info is available on the SCC website – at
    but for ease I’ve extracted the relevant bit below.

    Parents can apply for a place at any school of their choice – they are asked to list 3. If more applications are received than there are places, they are prioritised in the following order:
    1. Looked After Children [it is a statutory requirement that this be the first criteria]
    2. Catchment Area
    3. Siblings
    4. Other applications

  3. This system causes a lot of problems as for example 1 year they take all catchment ( local kids) and then there are spaces still available and they go to anyone who has applied not matter how far away they live and they get in , Then because the kids in infants take prioty for the places at the junior school it can mean that local , catchment kids who have moved to the area after allocations have been made dont get into their local junior school and instead kids from half way across the city take the place instead as they are already in the feeder infants… I dont see how that is fair. Community .. ha dont make me laugh.

  4. Odd to read complaints about a perceived lack of ‘community’ from someone who resents ‘kids from halfway across the city’. Just where should we draw the line – isn’t Sheffield a community? I’d be interested in your suggestions for improvements to the admissions system.

    1. I don’t resent any kids , I do however resent a system that is flawed as it means local kids don’t get in their local school and are forced to travel out of their local area to attend another school , therefour impacting on their social relationships . My simple solution is only allow catchment kids into a school ,that way there would be room for new movers to an area and also cut out lots of upsett and stress. This current system just doesn’t work.

      1. No system [not just admissions] ever works perfectly. We can only strive to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number.

        In the case of school admissions, there are several things you need to look at including 1] finance – cash follows kids, so artificially restricting the intake to ‘catchment kids’ [however defined] could mean the school having to make savings ie making teaching staff redundant;
        2] Education ministers insisting that popular schools should maximise parent choice by admitting all that they have room for – and sometimes beyond what they realistically have room for!
        3] fluctuating birthrates in the catchment – making the budget work means classes around 30, but what if there are only 40 available kids? You can’t employ 1/3 of a teacher.
        It simply isn’t as easy as you might think!

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