Burst water main on Sandygate Road causes loss of supply and minor delays

Water main repairs have meant there are temporary lights in the precinct
Water main repairs have meant there are temporary lights in the precinct

A burst water main on Sandygate Road caused interrupted water supplies for some local buildings and minor delays in the precinct yesterday.

Temporary lights were installed in order for repairs to take place, resulting in only a single lane of traffic being able to pass outside the former Artisan restaurant building.

Water supplies were restored to 32-54 Sandygate Road at around 2pm on Wednesday. The roadworks and traffic lights are still in place this morning.

Lydgate reservoir ‘no longer available’ for housing

A confidential report leaked to The Star has revealed that Lydgate reservoir is no longer being considered by Yorkshire Water as a site for housing.

Although 900 new homes are planned for other locations, The Star report confirms:

Three proposed sites, two in Crookes and one in Tinsley, have been withdrawn, and three others are to have fewer homes than suggested.

Hadfield and Lydgate reservoirs in Crookes, where 60 homes were proposed, are no longer available – Yorkshire Water wants to keep them in use.

Read the full report on The Star website

Lydgate Reservoir housing plans in doubt

Plans to build new homes on the site of Lydgate Reservoir on Evelyn Road are in doubt following a statement from Yorkshire Water.

The information posted by Yorkshire Water’s Land Use Planning Manager on the consultation website reads:

I have now been informed by my operational colleagues that they are undertaking further investigations with regard to our distribution network in the area. Because of this I am not satisfied that there is in fact a “reasonable prospect” of the site coming forward within the plan period. I would therefore like to withdraw the site at least until our investigations are complete.

I am hopeful that we will have more certainty by the representations stage of the Publication Version and if in fact the site does prove to be surplus to operational use I will then ask for it to be included.

The site was one of 18 in Sheffield earmarked as part of a strategy to build 1,110 new homes.

Manchester Road roadworks could last until 13 June

Temporary traffic lights on Manchester Road
Temporary traffic lights on Manchester Road

Temporary traffic signals have gone up on Manchester Road, causing delays to commuter traffic.

The area affected is between the junction of Tapton Mount Close and Tapton House Road. The work by Yorkshire Water is scheduled to last until 13 June 2012.

A bus stop on the south side of Manchester Road has also been temporarily moved further up the street to accommodate the roadworks.

More information on the work from Balfour Beatty:

This work is being carried out as part of our ongoing schemes to renew water mains throughout Yorkshire in order to help prevent bursts and boost the drinking water quality.

This work consists of renewing a section of 4 inch cast iron water main at Manchester Road between Fulwood Road and Tapton House Road which will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

We will be starting work 8 May 2012 at the Junction of Tapton House Road, progressing towards the junction of Sale Hill using 2 way traffic lights for safety. The work between Sale Hill and the junction of Fulwood Road will only be carried out on Sundays or during school holidays using 3 way traffic lights for safety.  Traffic lights will be manned at peak times to aid with traffic flow.

We understand the inconvenience these road works and traffic management cause to motorists but hope you appreciate this is in place for everyone’s safety while we carry out these essential water improvement works.

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Electricity returns to Crosspool following power cut

Hundreds of Crosspool homes were left without power tonight for one and a half hours.

The electricity supply went down at about 8:15pm. Although it returned promptly in some areas, homes and businesses on the Ranmoor side of Crosspool were left without electricity for around 90 minutes. Cardoness Drive, Barholm Road, Dransfield Road and the lower end of Watt Lane were affected, with reports of the blackout stretching as far as Broomhill.

Electricity supplier Northern Power Grid promptly announced its engineers were looking at the problem and around 9:50pm electricity started to return to Crosspool houses. By 11pm there were no more reports of power problems.

Water leak on Manchester Road

Water was leaking from the pavement adjacent to the Tavern Service Station on Monday morning. Police attended at around 9:30am to direct pedestrians around the potential hazard.

Shortly after 10am, Water UK (H2o) arrived to assess and repair what turned out to be a very large rip in the water main, thought to have been caused by the especially frosty conditions.

At around 2:30pm Water UK (H2o) was informing residents that they would be turning the water supply off to enable them to repair the leak. Unfortunately turning off the water and the subsequent repair proved more problematic than was first anticipated.

At teatime tonight, engineers were still working on the repair. We hope to have more information tomorrow.

Wednesday 18 January update: A new section of water main has been inserted, the hole has been filled in, and a matching top surface will be laid on Thursday to complete the repair.

Water leak repairs on Manchester Road
Water leak repairs on Manchester Road
Water leak repairs on Manchester Road
Water leak repairs on Manchester Road
Water leak repairs on Manchester Road
Water leak repairs on Manchester Road