Plough Inn’s Demise

Plough Inn

Today 10th January.2023 the demolition of the Plough Inn on Sandygate Road began.

Starting with the toilet block on the west side, the demolition contractors have begun to knock down, what is reputed to be the home of League Football, to make way for a block of houses

Housing Block

3 Replies to “Plough Inn’s Demise”

  1. All those feeling nostalgic about the demise of The Plough will find a warm welcome at the Hallam FC 1860 Suite open Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. A chance to immerse in football history from in 1860 almost 60 years before the existing Plough was built.

    1. You and your club ought to be ashamed of your role in the loss of the Plough but I guess money talks!

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