Crosspool Christmas

Crosspool Community Christmas

Observing social distancing, the Joy of Christmas came to Crosspool.A Brass Quartet played Christmas carols in the precinct and thanks to the Crosspool; Forum volunteers, the shops are adorned with decorated festive Christmas trees.

Making their way to a nativity doorway, up a footpath lined with over 80 decorated jam jars for the ‘Nights of Light’, visitors to Tapton Hill Church were just blown away with people’s creativity as they passed a wooden thanksgiving tree festooned with homemade decorated baubles and amazed by  the beautifully decorated doors and windows on a small Nativity trail around the Tapton Hill neighbourhood.

If you would like to show your support to our local smaller business community, and haven’t already taken the opportunity to follow the Crosspool Nativity trail around Crosspool shops, you have until the 24th December to take part.

Download nativity-trail.pdf

Collect your story sheet from St Columba’s Church; or email: otherwise just click on the download.

When you have completed the story sheet; email: to arrange to collect your gift.

Don’t forget to wave at the shop keepers and make them smile this Christmas


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