Registered Volunteers Waiting to Help

Crosspool Community Hub

Working with everyone in Crosspool
In conjunction with voluntary action Sheffield (VAS), based at
St Columba’s church office in Crosspool.  Tel: 0114 2670006St Columba's

If you are self-isolating, or simply struggling to cope with the current unprecedented situation we have a team of unpaid volunteers registered to help.

We are a flexible resource waiting to adapt to and help as best we can with whatever circumstances may arise during the pandemic and in its aftermath.

At the moment we have a list of local shops who can help with the supply of food and certain other products by delivering to you, and we have been working with them to prioritise those self-isolating or who just need some help.  Should demands on those services become stretched, we will step in to help with deliveries/collections.

We have volunteers who will be happy to simply talk on the phone as we are becoming aware of people’s increasing sense of loneliness due to the current situation.  And this may well be an increasingly important need over-coming months.

We are open to try and help whatever the problem. (Some of us are experienced dog-walkers if you are not able to leave home.) Please feel free to ring us, even if you are not sure we are the right people to help.  We are happy to listen and try to meet whatever needs arise.

The office is staffed from 9am-12noon Monday to Saturday, but there is a 24 hour answerphone.   Tel: 0114 2670006.






2 Replies to “Registered Volunteers Waiting to Help”

  1. Hello,Fantastic work by Crosspool volunteers I am a septugenarian,live alone and may be out of touch but It occurs to me that there are two extremes (particularly for those in self isolation)..’the haves’ those who supplies (food in reserve!) exceed needs and ‘the have nots’ who are dependent on others generosity/food banks etc.Supermarkets (& others) growth of home deliveries & local suppliers delivery to door service are timeous As a result I find unexpectedly that I may (probably!) have an over supply of tinned foods and other items to meet current needs,Am confident retired neighbours in similar position judging by the number of deliveries .Am pondering whether a coordinated approach would enable donation of food(non perishables) with central collection point or for volunteers to collect.On a bigger scale before self isolation I was able to buy and donate food at supermarkets where I shopped and the response at inception of coronus virus 19 was terrific…would be excellent when doing on line shopping with big supermarkets if there was a provision at on line” checkout” to make a charitable donation (gift aided if possible ) for foodbank charities or NHS or both.!Please forgive any prolixity/ignorance on my part.Kind regards,Kevin Duffy.

  2. Thank you for these comments, Kevin, which have only just been brought to my attention.
    St Columba’s Church, where the Community Hub is based, and Stephen Hill Church, have strong links with and support Firvale foodbank with weekly deliveries of food and other products.
    The food bank has been struggling due to Corona virus and people in Crosspool have been very generous but more is always needed. My colleague, Tara Osborne, manages our support and delivers donated products every Friday. If you would like to contact her, you could call the office on 0114 2670006 and leave a message with your preferred contact information, or you could email her at She would be happy to arrange/coordinate the collection of any food surplus to requirements.
    Your comments are really appreciated.
    Steve Ellis

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