We would like to get the following items back to their owners:- Lost & Found
“SMALL TOOL BATTERY & CHARGER, left at this year’s Crosspool Festival Sunday Market with the baked potato van for charging, but never collected.
“DOOR KEY”, found at the Crosspool Summer Fayre, CDYST Playing field Saturday 6th July 2019
“INLINER ROLLERBLADES” Size 32-35…20-22, handed in after the 2018 Summer Fayre, and still remain unclaimed.
“UMBRELLA” A few weeks ago, a Good Samaritan stopped to help a local lady who had fallen down in the precinct. Staying to give assistance until the ambulance arrived; unfortunately this Good Samaritan left their umbrella by the kerbside. Now fully recovered from her ordeal, the lady would like us to pass on her sincere thanks to this kind person.  The umbrella has been left at Bamforth’s Fruit Shop.







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