crosspool festival 2019

Comp winners 2019
2019 Competition Winners

After long deliberation judging the many entries to this year’s Photo, Art and Cake competitions, the winners were finally announced and awarded with their certificates and cash prizes at the close of the exhibition in St Columba’s Church at 4.30pm, Wednesday the 3rd July.







  1. Crosspool’s Not Got Talent.

    Sadly the Festival Talent Night which was to have taken place at Stephen Hill Methodist Church on Tuesday 2nd July had to be cancelled as there was only one entry. I am sure that we have local people who can “perform”. We were not looking for professional standards, Just people who enjoy singing, playing, or doing their “party”piece. Come on , give it a go next year, and let’s all have a fun evening- with PRIZES, otherwise I might have to bore or entrance you with an hour and a half of folk songs and poetry. Bob Townrow 2 Carsick Grove S10 3PN 0114 2301098 TowniesRM@TalkTalk.net

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