History of The Long Causeway uncovered by local historian

The Long Causeway by Howard Smith
The Long Causeway by Howard Smith

Local author and historian Howard Smith has written a book about the ancient road from Sheffield to Stanage Pole called The Long Causeway, which passes through Crosspool.

We asked Howard to answer a few questions about his book.

What is the Long Causeway?

The Long Causeway is the old name for the ancient road between Sheffield and Stanage Pole.

Do we know how old the route it is?

The general line of the road was laid down by Roman military surveyors in the late 1st century AD

What does your book explore?

My book covers the history of this route from Roman times to the present, describing the area through which it passes, how the road was used throughout the years, and the impact the road itself had. The book contains helpful maps and is lavishly illustrated in full colour by Ann Beedham, a brilliant graphic designer.

How did you go about researching your book?

I researched the book by fieldwork, using my own library, Google and the Local Studies Library.

We there any particularly interesting stories or facts from the past about the city end of the Long Causeway that would be of interested to Crosspool residents?

Crosspool residents will find the book of interest because the road from town comes up Lydgate Lane and on to Sandygate Road, then Redmires Road.

The Long Causeway by Howard Smith
The Long Causeway by Howard Smith

Have you written other local history books?

I have written many local history books, all connected to roads such as Turnpike Trails. My last book was The Story of the Snake Road, which sold very well in Crosspool and Broomhill Over the years I have given hundreds of illustrated talks to a wide variety of groups.

Howard Smith, author of The Long Causeway
Howard Smith, author of The Long Causeway

Do you live locally and have you spent much of your life in this area?

I have had connections with Crosspool over very many years, my late mother lived at Lodge Moor for 30 years, and I have lived in a flat on Redmires Road for the last three years.

I am a retired college principal lecturer, and have a masters degree in local history.

How can we get hold of your book?

My book is on sale for £10 at GT News in Crosspool, Lodge Moor News and Broomhill Post Office.


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  1. Hello,

    I have recently bought a flat on Sandygate Road and have started to explore the area. I have had an interest in old routes (epecially Roman) for many years. I have found that most people find the subject boring! I would be interested to purchase a copy of your book.

    Best wishes,


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