New allotments proposed for Lodge Moor

The council have proposed plans for 33 allotments at the Spider Park, Lodge Moor
The council have proposed plans for 33 allotments at the Spider Park, Lodge Moor

The council have proposed plans for 33 allotments at the Spider Park, Lodge Moor, with car parking and access from Blackbrook Road.

A consultation meeting is to be held at St Luke’s church on Monday 14 November at 6:30pm.

For more information contact: Head of Service, Countryside and Environment Section, Chris Heeley on or 0114 273 4285.


10 Replies to “New allotments proposed for Lodge Moor”

  1. Absolute madness. One of the last remaining open green spaces in this area, turning so much of it into allotments would affect the view and the feel of the area, shoehorning into one remaining much smaller space dog owners, ball players, kite fliers, picnickers etc. It will be chaos with small children scared of dogs, dogs running after frisbees, children getting hit by balls etc.

  2. At the “consultation” meeting, the council officer, Chris Hedley, acknowledged that many former allotments in the Hagg Lane area had been allowed to revert to wilderness because there was no demand for them. He then said that after the lapse of 25 years this scrub wilderness could not be returned to allotment usage because it was now “mature forest”. So now the council want to repeat the process on even more unpromising land, higher and more exposed.

  3. We are in danger of no longer having space for children to play. Or should we take our cars down to fordge dam !
    There are loads of unused allotments around highcliffe or could growers use the Prison of war camp, this is walled and unused.
    Most people have unused gardens in the area, register Gardeners and Gardens to be worked in partnership.
    There are much better ways of spending council money than looking at schemes because of a couple of requests, come on Sheffield Help the poor , disabled and homless 1st.

  4. Many allotments in the Hagg Lane area were allowed to fall out of use 25 years ago and have degenerated into scrub. The Council officers argued that this scrub is now mature forest and that is the reason those allotments cannot be brought back into use. Now they wish to wreck the most important open space in Lodge Moor in a similar manner.

  5. Many of the Hagg Lane allotments fell into disuse and are now scrub land (ludicrously described by the council officer as “mature forest”). If this mad plan comes to fruition the result will be the same.

  6. Mature forest (trees) surely the council should cut them down then ! Are we being bullied because we live in a pleasant area ? Wouldn’t be the 1st time…….
    Maybe Sheffield will make the main news yet again ! for the wrong reasons. Just leave us in peace please. Think of the many and not just a few ,elite allotment growers.

    Take a run through Maltby and see what effect a few allotments have on the aesthetics of an area.
    Bring other areas up and not take us down !

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