Crosspool resident inspired to write children’s book

A Crosspool resident has written a book inspired by the children she fosters.

Martha, Ginger and the Mischievous Magpies is based on stories Anne Murphy has told to children in her care over the years.

“We keep chickens which the children love. I started telling the children stories and the ones about the chickens Martha and Ginger went so well I decided to write them down,” said Anne.

“The children were my inspiration and they are also my biggest critics – they liked the stories so that’s good enough for me.”

In the story the two chickens change places with a pair of mischievous magpies and unexpected adventures follow with other animals including a fox and a squirrel.

The book has colour illustrations by Anne’s partner Gavin Holliday and has been published privately.

Anne and Gavin have been respite foster carers for several years and care for children from birth to 18 years

“Becoming respite foster carers was a big decision but it was something we wanted to do. You want to create a home for the children and telling the stories about Martha and Ginger has become part of that,” added Anne.

Martha, Ginger and the Mischievous Magpies is for sale, price £5. If you are interested in a copy contact Anne Murphy at


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