Rivelin Valley Road trees could be chopped down

Thirty one trees along Rivelin Valley Road could be removed as part of the Streets Ahead road improvement project.

According to the Sheffield Telegraph, contractor Amey says three trees are either dead, decayed, have structural integrity problems or are causing surface damage.

Residents are campaigning against the proposals.

A Streets Ahead roadshow is due to visit Stephen Hill church on Tuesday 24 November, 4-7pm.

Sheffield Telegraph: New branch of tree felling row as 31 trees set for axe on Sheffield road

Sheffield City Council Streets Ahead Rivelin area



3 Replies to “Rivelin Valley Road trees could be chopped down”

  1. Given the great number of trees on RV road it would be surprising if the number were any lower. Are the campaigners against doing so for a valid reason – by which I mean not the knee jerk opposition that seems to be inevitable?

    I’m wondering how long before there’s a petition against cutting back overgrown hedges, and long grass?

  2. CB seems to be missing the point, these trees and those in Lydgate Lane have been around a lot longer than they have and hopefully will still be for a long time after CB is dead and buried. It’s easy to destroy the historic landscape of the area. None of us are going to be around in another 200 years but I dread to think what Sheffield will be like if we all thought like CB

  3. 200 years ago those trees didn’t exist. In 200 years none of the current trees will exist. In both cases other trees did/will exist. Any trees removed are for good reasons, and are replaced.

    I dread to think what Sheffield will be like of the ‘don’t change anything’ brigade get their way unchallenged.

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