2015 Crosspool calendar available now

2015 Crosspool calendar
2015 Crosspool calendar

A new calendar featuring Crosspool scenes from over the years is on sale in local shops.

2015 Crosspool calendar
2015 Crosspool calendar

Many of the photos in the calendar are taken by local residents, plus there are some archive shots showing familiar locations looking very different in times gone by.

The 2015 Crosspool calendar is available for just £4 from Crosspool Pets and Enhance.

Money raised will help Crosspool Forum funds for local events and improvements to our neighbourhood.

5 Replies to “2015 Crosspool calendar available now”

  1. Hiya

    Just to let you know that we have just been to buy on of these lovely calendars and the staff in the pet shop didn’t know what we were talking about. Managed to get one from Enhance though so you might want to send an amendment out . Thanks Janet

  2. I really want to but them, but they’ve run out in the pet shop ….. and where is Enhance??


  3. The Pet Shop had stock on Tuesday 12 November. If there are any calendars left then they’ll be in there or in Enhance, which is in the corner of Sandygate Road/Manchester Road.

    Ron – I’m afraid that there’s no mail order currently set up for these yet…maybe next year.

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