Lydgate Green needs your unwanted plants

Lydgate Green
Lydgate Green

The Friends of Lydgate Green are asking if anyone has any plants they could donate to help improve the green space.

Secretary Roger Burkinshaw explains: “We replanted Lydgate Green last summer but the beds are looking a bit sparse after losses from the very wet winter and more annoyingly from the theft of half a dozen rose bushes.

“Do you have any plants you could donate? For example, if you are tidying your garden and have any plants that have grown too large or you are splitting clumps of perennials etc, we would love to have them.”

If you can spare any plants then please let Roger know by emailing The Friends of Lydgate Green will then plant them up for everyone to enjoy.

2 Replies to “Lydgate Green needs your unwanted plants”

  1. Could you please send out an e-mail asking if anyone had by mistake picked up my umbrella from the meeting last night (Thurs). The description is a fold up black umbrella with rainbows painted on which turn coloured when it gets wet from the rain it is from M&S. The umbrella which was left on the coat hanger with my dark brown mac is a plain black umbrella.

    I would appreciate mine being returned. Telephone: 0114 2309862



    Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 10:14:35 +0000 To:

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