Residents question deputy PM at Clegg Crosspool Q&A

Residents question deputy PM at Nick Clegg at his Crosspool Q&A
Residents question deputy PM at Nick Clegg on Friday

On Friday evening (13 December) deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg held a constituency question and answer session at St. Columba’s church in Crosspool.

Chaired by Councillor Rob frost, nearly 90 local residents attended the meeting, which lasted just over an hour. Questions covered subjects including the national rise in food banks, flood defence zoning issues and the rankings of Lydgate Junior and Infant schools.

About a dozen Tapton School students were present with their teacher. Their questions covered tuition fees, and poor election turnout and political disillusionment among 18-25 year-olds.

Other topics included the recent gagging bill, and political disillusionment
with middle-aged voters – it seems that politics isn’t flavour of the month.

Things then got rather animated when a discussion about the banking crisis of five years ago caused considerable disagreement amongst several of those attending.

Closing questions covered Eric Pickles’ Public Development Act, politicians’ blaming tactics – which is unlikely to ever go away – and the criticism that the European Union has recently come in for. The deputy prime minister took the opportunity to reinforce his party’s support for the EU.

Thanks to John Holliday for this report.

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