King Edward VII school in appeal to Crosspool dog walkers

A Crosspool school is asking dog owners to keep their dogs on leads while they’re on the school site between 8am and 5pm and also think about where their dogs leave their waste.

In recent incidents at King Edward VII middle school on Darwin Lane, teaching staff have experienced dogs running at students and exploring the school’s all-weather pitch during PE lessons.

The school’s Education Manager Laura Drabble commented: “I appreciate that these dogs may only be friendly but to a student who is afraid of dogs this can be quite upsetting.”

Reminding dog owners to think about where they deposit dog waste, Laura explained: “Students have been complaining of dog mess in the bins they use for their litter. In warm weather the smell is very unpleasant. Dog walkers should also only use the red dog bins for their dog mess. We would also respectfully ask that owners do not let their dogs urinate up railings and posts on the school site where students often sit and play.

“We don’t wish to upset residents but we do have a duty of care to our students.”

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5 Responses to King Edward VII school in appeal to Crosspool dog walkers

  1. CB says:

    I believe a dog that worries sheep can be shot. How have we reached a situation where dogs are allowed to worry children without any sanction being applied, either to animal or owner?

  2. I can see why Laura Drabble would be upset with dog owners and hope they take note. But it works both ways. I would ask her to control her pupils waste management too. They regularly use Lydgate Green at lunch times and although sit on the benches adjacent to waste bins, they mostly leave their sandwich wrappings, empty bottles and cigarette packets scattered all over the place for local residents to clear up. It’s like the bins are invisible! Does the school teach responsibilty to the local community?

  3. CB says:

    On the particular point Chris makes, I understood that local King Ted’s pupils, being lower school age, were not supposed to roam at lunch-time. Has this changed? Perhaps the miscreants are from Tapton – have any of the Friends of the Green approached them?

    More generally, parents are supposed to raise responsible kids – if they haven’t managed it, given their fulltime attention in the first crucial few years, it’s a bit much to pass the buck to schools, who also have an ever-increasing list of essential subjects Govey thinks all these little angels are supposed to get an A* in. And then we have the example of “responsibilty to the local community” being set by these adult dog walkers!

  4. These are teenage kids so more than likely from Tapton. But who dare approach kids these days? One risks abuse at the very least. As far as “Friends of the Green” go, unfortunately there are very few left due to old age and lack of interest or support.

  5. Catt Caz says:

    I agree with some of the above comments. I used to take my dog on the fields after six o clock at night but have stopped doing so because of the amount is discarded food, litter, bottles . Etc.. Don’t even get me started on the amount of chewing gum that has been spat out.

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