Tapton school to become an academy

Tapton school: to become an academy?
Tapton school: to become an academy?

Tapton secondary school in Crosspool is to break away from the council to become an academy.

Governors feel such a move would be in the school’s best interest, earning it a bonus of more than £740,000 a year and allowing them to balance the books by negotiating better value services.

Teachers at Tapton are against the move, fearing that becoming an academy will not raise educational standards.

Two negative responses were received from parents when 2,000 letters were sent out.

You can read more in the newspaper reports below.

Tapton prepares for academy move (Sheffield Telegraph)

Top school academy bid (The Star)


4 Replies to “Tapton school to become an academy”

  1. Now let’s be open here.
    – The £740,000 isn’t a bonus at all. It is the money that was kept back by the council for services provided by them – eg. payroll, HR, SEN, etc. As an academy, the school will have to use this money to buy those services instead. Hardly a bonus.
    – Two positive responses were received from parents when 2,000 letters were sent out. This does put the negative responses into context! So hardly an overwhelming vote of confidence either.
    – Why are not the views of staff being considered?

    1. I agree, I think the reason for lack of response was the fact that lettes came out just before half-term, although interestingly my son who attends the school received his a week after my other son who attends a local junior school, the subsequent governors meeting was held the first week back at school, so not much time for people to digest. Also the communication received did not represent a broad view of what academy status really means and was very one sided. My understanding is that the payment referred to is a one off and minus what they would have received from the LEA means the shortfall is nearer £300K. Whilst I appreciate the figures need to add up I do feel they have been very short-sighted and allowed themselves to be held to ransom by this latest bill and have not seriously considered the impact in future years on our city’s education and th schools funding situation a few years down the line. Without the one off payment will they change tune and start to look for sponsors – what a scary thought!

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