Lydgate Park outdoor gym

A new outdoor gym installed by the council and is now up and running in Lydgate Park.

Outdoor gyms are a new approach to health and fitness. They include much of the same equipment found in an indoor gym, but are specifically designed for outdoor use.

You don’t need any gym experience or special level of fitness to have a go. They are mainly for adults, but children may be able to use some of the apparatus with supervision.

Best of all, there’s no membership to pay!

Lydgate Park can be found at the top of Lydgate Lane, opposite Lydgate Infants School.

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Improvements for pedestrians on Lydgate Lane

Work has started on changes to the pavements and crossing areas at the top of Lydgate Lane.

The road is being narrowed outside Lydgate Infant School ready for the installation of a zebra crossing.

Improvements to the Lydgate Lane end of Marsh Lane and Headland Drive are also underway, with markings on the pavements that hint at the dropping of the curbstones with tapered pavements at crossing points.

Dropped Kerbs were recently installed on the Watt Lane end of Cardoness Road to make crossing easier for pedestrians.

Improvements for pedestrians on Lydgate Lane
Improvements for pedestrians on Lydgate Lane
Markings for dropped curbs on Headland Drive
Markings for dropped Kerbs on Headland Drive
Dropped curbs installed on Cardoness Road
Dropped Kerbs installed on Cardoness Road