Beauty and the Beast


This is a beautiful panto of the weird and wonderful, with singing and dancing and plenty of chances for the audience to get involved. A true labour of love for the whole cast and crew who have generously poured their heart and soul into making this a feel-good show for the entire family to enjoy.

Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th February
Evening 7:15pm
Adults £6 Children £4
Tickets from Sue Mackley Tele :- 0114 2630736


One Reply to “Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Ronald Henry Tew: Brought up at 23, Providence Road, Walkley Sheffield 6. Endured the bombing from Germany on the 12th December 1940 This memory is retained in the 35page booklet written by Albert Staley May 1985 “A Short History of Walkley.” (signed Yours Sincerely Albert Staley) On page 22 he mentions a bomb being dropped on St Mary’s church by parachute which exploded prematurely about 500ft up they retrieved the green silk parachute and kept it in the Wardens Post until the end of the war – if it had exploded on the ground there would have been no St Mary’s. My father returned home next morning from the Neepsend area – trembling having walked from his firm Walter Spencers Engineering – having stumbled across a body in the pitch black darkness of the night. My mother and myself Ron sat on the cellar steps me on the top step with a very heavy coat wrapped around my shoulders, my sister on the bottom step in pram, and my cousin Dorothy just a girl then requested by my grandfather William Tew to come and sit with us because his son Walter my father was missing. FROM 7PM Thursday night until 4AM Friday morning. in all about 300 German aeroplanes over Sheffield in this 9 hour raid.
    Grandfather had the small grocery shop 2 doors up at 29 Providence Road (WALKLEY WAYS WALKLEY WARS (The Walkley Historians) page 6 my grandma and my aunty Evelyn standing in doorway of shop. R. H. Tew 1935

    Your confirmation would be very much appreciated. Ron Tew

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